Unused WebGL Presentation made with WebGL

Posted by on Oct 7, 2010 in 3D, Speaking, WebGL6 comments

I made this one for an internal presentation about WebGL. I did the presentation but for some reason I used plain old powerpoint slides. Don’t ask.

It’s made with GLGE, JSTweener and the Blender to WebGL Exporter.

I guess it could use a bit of optimisation here and there.
Oh, and I have tested it only on Firefox and Minefield. For some dark reason I cannot get Chrome or Chromium to work on my machine.

You can go from slide to slide by pressing 1 to 6 on the keyboard. Click on the image below to view the presentation.

I’m working on another presentation at the moment. On the 28th of October I will give a presentation about WebGL at LFPUG in London. More on that later :)

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  1. Is not working on Google Chrome or Firefox for Mac

  2. Interesting. Do you get any error messages?

  3. Mmm … I just checked with Chromium and it works just fine. Is your Chrome version WebGL-enabled?

  4. [...] on that subject, here’s another WebGL presentation in WebGL, from Dennis [...]

  5. NO status bar in the new firefox = now you are blind ,
    the status bar made it easy to tell if a site link
    lied about where you were going and this was
    just not coperate / advertizer friendly

    webgl = require a beta browser = maybe see something

    vrml/x3d = use a plugin or viewer
    in any browser, = it worked over 10 years ago!

    why cant mozilla just use
    a generic vrml / x3d plugin
    BUT make it FAULT TOLLERANT = as in
    ignore the deliberate standards breaking
    that the major players did 10 years ago

    google , mozilla, and many other “good guys”
    jumped the shark or drank the flavoraid

  6. thanks …very useful information…:)

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