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A month ago I posted a preview of some Blender to WebGL JavaScript exports. I haven’t had the time to add that many features to it, but I decided to put it on Google Code anyway. At the moment it exports to:

The export options are very basic at the moment. Hopefully I’ll find time to add more features to it :)

  • vertices
  • indices
  • normals
  • UV coordinates
  • vertex colors

If you’d like to contribute then please give me a shout :)

Here’s the Google Code page:

This is an example of a simple Cube primitive with multiple array modifiers. 60 animation frames are exported.

See the live demo here.

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  1. Hi Dennis,

    It seems that parsing huge Collada files in the browser is a bit taxing on user experience, so exporters such as this will be a good move for SceneJS (another alternative is SceneJS.asset nodes pulling JavaScript through a parser proxy, but that’s another story).

    It would be great to see this extended to generate SceneJS lighting, material, texture nodes etc. – I don’t know Python or Blender well enough, alas.

    But hold off until SceneJS V0.7.0 is released, because there will be some changes to the API in that release!


  2. [...] something I’ve been looking forward to seeing: Dennis Ippel’s Blender to WebGL exporter is now available for download. Blender is an powerful (if eccentrically-user-interfaced) open [...]

  3. Hi.
    Good stuff, but why scaling is not working. All objects have the same size :/

  4. Hi I would like to know how to export more than one object from blender to webgl. I’ve tried native webgl exporter and json exporter and the result was that they only export one object. Is it posible to export more ?
    Thanks for any help

  5. Great stuff Dennis. The exporter works for me in Blender 2.49b but I get a syntax error in latest version 2.57b. My Python and Blender experience isn’t good enough to try and fix it myself. Any ideas as to a remedy?


  6. Hi Jim,

    the reason for the Blender plugin not working is perhaps due to changes in Blender directory location for “io_utils” as described in

    HTH, Chris

  7. Have a look at

    step 1 -> export in collada
    step 2 -> convert to json+bin collada2json/converter
    step 3 -> display in webGL collada2json/webGL

    works with blender as well as many other tools

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