Blender exporter updated: Away3D Lite 1.0

Posted by on Sep 23, 2009 in 3D, ActionScript, Blender, Flash1 comment

Away3D Lite 1.0 has been released a few weeks ago. According to the Away3D team:

“Away3D Lite is the fastest and smallest fully featured 3d engine in Flash to date

Sounded like a good reason to update the Blender to ActionScript exporter! The updated script can be found on the usual page here.

Example files can be found here.

It’s good to be productive again. That wasn’t easy after 4 weeks in the Netherlands (getting married!), Indonesia (North Sulawesi, beautiful spot, especially if you’re a diver) & Singapore (what an amazing city!!). I seem to be back on the right track though :-)

Enjoy & let me know if you find any bugs or if you a feature request.

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  1. God bless your generous soul!! I expected this update to take a while, instead its available. Thanks again.

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