Blender to ActionScript exporter updated: export multiple objects at once

Until now you could only export the selected object. I’ve added a toggle button that enables you to save all the objects in the scene. I’ve also removed the class name input box. It now uses the name from the object itself.
Doing this, I discovered a bug in the script that affected the x, y and z position of the object which is now fixed.
The layout has changed a bit as well:

Blender exporter new layout

Download the latest version here.

Thanks to Lance for requesting this feature!

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15 thoughts on “Blender to ActionScript exporter updated: export multiple objects at once

  1. Tyson says:

    I can’t get this Version.4 to work. I keep getting the following error from Blender: “Python script error: check console” (Version.3 seemed to work fine.) Any Suggestions?

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Great tool, much better than trying the collada exporter from Blender.

    A quick question really:

    I’ve been trying to apply a MovieMaterial to an object exported using your tool but papervision 2.0 Great White or Flash doesn’t seem to like it.

    Also , I had the same problem as Tyson when trying to start up your new script (the download from June 11th 2009) had exactly the same issue, i.e. Python script error. The object was the Blender Cone primitive which exported fine with Version 3 of your script in Blender 2.4.6.

    Any ideas?


  3. @Rich,

    I’m not aware of any problems with MovieMaterial. Do you get an error message?
    Can you send me the source files?

    As regards to the Python script error: I’ll have another look into it. I tried it myself but didn’t get an error message. Could you maybe post the error message?


  4. Daniel says:

    I see the same error msg Tyson mentioned. However, I get another error before: Error. Active Object is not a mesh.
    Which seems odd since the active object is an imported .wrl file with a molecule model which renders just fine in blender. The error occurs only if I select all of the molecule, if instead I select only a single atom (==sphere) there is no error and the export works just fine. (mail me if you’d like the .wrl to repro)

  5. @Daniel: thanks for mentioning this error. I’ve fixed it and updated the version on the server. The problem was that it tried to export the first selected object. So if this was a camera and not a mesh it threw this particular error.
    I’ve changed this so that all selected (mesh) objects are exported. It ignores non-mesh objects completely.
    Does this solve the other error as well?

  6. Francesco Bulleri says:

    Hi Dennis, I’ve tried your exporter from Blender to AS3 and I’ve found it very useful!

    I’m now wondering if it is possible to export one only object that encapsulates many others. As an example, I’d like to create four walls, a ceiling and the floor for an object “” encapsulating them all. Maybe I don’t use the correct Blender’s features?

    Thank you!

  7. Francesco Bulleri says:

    Hi again Dennis!

    I would also like to know if you plan to improve the exporter adding other info inside the .as files such as textures applied, filters and so on…

    Please let me now about it… I’m having a great time using the exporter!


  8. I get this error: “Python script error: check console”

    How do I fix this?

    I have Python 2.5, Blender 2.49, and I am using a Mac

  9. Ken says:

    This looks like a much better alternative, but I’ve got some problems with it. Is it possible to add an eventlistener to the object being imported? (I know it kinda hard adding an eventlistener to a collada file).

    The second problem I ran into is that it does not seem to be able to compile properly in flex. I just get a black screen with no model. Is there something I could be missing when developing in flex (I don’t mean working with mxml, just in the actionscript project mode). But hey, at least it works in flash.

  10. Dmitry says:

    Blender Actionscript importer is producing wrong import directives for the latest Away3D release. Please check. I was to use imported class only after renaming manually commands.


  11. Ron says:

    Any plans to upgrade the script for Blender 2.5x. I tried it in Blender 2.55 and but it doesn’t show up in the preferences/addon dialog. I modified the script to show their but it won’t enable. I’m sure other changes will be needed also.

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