Blender to Flash Workflow article in Flash and Flex Developers Magazine

The latest issue of Flash & Flex Developer’s magazine features an article written by me called “Blender to Flash Workflow”. This article explains how to:

  • create a simple 3D object in Blender
  • create a material in Blender
  • export the primitive and the material so that it can be used in Flash
  • set up a basic 3D scene using the Sandy 3D engine

You can preview the first page here.
The magazine is sold in stores in the United States and is available in PDF format elsewhere. I received the paper version in my mail yesterday and it looks absolutely great.
There are articles for beginners, intermediate and advanced developers. You can find the list of articles here. Highly recommended!

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7 thoughts on “Blender to Flash Workflow article in Flash and Flex Developers Magazine

  1. how do you “export the primitive and the material” – is that something new in your latest script update (I am still using old one)?

  2. Hi. I’m a Blender entusiast user and a pert-time web designer/programmer.
    I’m intrested in your article: I read the first jpg page and foud it very good. Is it possibile to have it in electronic format (pdf, jpg…. ) ? I can’t buy the magazine In Italy…
    thank you

  3. Hi Dennis!

    Good work as always.
    Judging from that first page it’s a great article.
    And of course I’m happy that you used Sandy :-)

  4. Oliver Sumpton says:

    that subscribe page is not displaying any content or purchase options, and I haven’t back from regarding this.

    To even find that e-mail address I had to sign into their forums. this is weak all around

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