Debug Flash/Flex + Air with De MonsterDebugger

I highly recommend this debugger. It is an AIR application that has many useful features and will make your life much easier. Some of those features are:

  • detailed traces (trace strings and objects, which you can expand)
  • edit properties at runtime
  • method testing
  • a tree structure with which you can walk through the application

On top of that, it is open source and free!

You can download De Monsterdebugger here. I had a problem with the download though. The .zip file is actually a .air file. So you might have to change the extension in order to install it.

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5 thoughts on “Debug Flash/Flex + Air with De MonsterDebugger

  1. Thnx for your post! We’re currently smooting out some minor bugs that where reported to us. If you’ve found a bug or have a neat idea, just click on the feedback tab on our website and share your thoughts with us.

    Ferdi Koomen
    Lead Developer @ De Monsters

  2. Nice find, I’m definitely installing this on my development machine. Its too bad most of these technologies (e.g. Flash) do not offer the same rich debuggers that something like Visual Studio offers.

  3. Sam says:

    Guys though debugger is the best option for debugging, but mostly we ignore it while simple debugging and while debugging the release versions. but I use Runtime Flex Tracer / Debugger in my flex projects thats makes my life easy. Its just like trace window inside your project with color coding of traces. So it works where ever my project is running and also I do not need to switch window to see the trace actions. The small class can be found at this link

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