I Passed the Adobe Flex 2 Developer Exam!

I just took the Adobe Flex 2 Developer Exam and passed! I got an 80% score, though I expected it to be higher when I finished all the questions. I guess I was fooled by some clever trick questions :-). If you also plan on taking this exam, I recommend the following training material:

I especially recommend the Lynda.com video series, they’re excellent.

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17 thoughts on “I Passed the Adobe Flex 2 Developer Exam!

  1. Please what’s the site details for the exam? All I could find in adobe is ACP, which does not cover Flex, last was Flash MX 2004 developer.

  2. raj kishan says:

    cool dude

    nice work i am also gearing up for flex exam

    so i wana u r directions for u r exams

    what sort of questions i am going to see in the exam

    by c u



  3. Shameer says:

    hi, congrats for getting such a high score. Was the Adobe Flex @-Training from the source really a help for u. Do we get any practice qn. papers for the test. Were there any code snippets.

    Please reply for the queries…..

  4. Hi Shameer,
    Yes, the training from the source book is really useful. Hands-on, so lots of code and practical examples. No practice questions for the test though, I don’t know where to find them either. I highly recommend watching the Lynda.com video tutorials, they’re really useful. Good luck!

  5. Arun says:

    Hi i have in this field last 5+ years, but i dont know how to attend the adobe certificate exam , anybody can send procedures? I need exam code also..


  6. certifications dont seem to me very attractive, since you can access all almost possible questions and if you learn them you can get the exam easily, but still many firms are looking for such certificates as their requirements

  7. Shikha Panda says:

    Hi ,

    Congratulations. You must have worked hard. i am also preparing for the certification and almost clue less about the test questions. Can you please let us know some of them, in case you remember. Thanks

  8. I took (and passed) the Flex 2 Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam today.

    Minimum score 73% and I got a 77%.

    I studied pretty hard for this exam, though I was weak on Flex Data Services. My strength in other areas saved me.

    Section Name – Percent Correct
    Flex Application User Interface (UI) Creation – 93% correct
    Flex System Architecture and Design – 92% correct
    Flex Application Programming Fundamentals – 75% correct
    Interacting with Remote Data and Flex Applications – 46% correct

    I thought the exam was tough! I had doubts I would pass, but I said a prayer at the end, maybe that helped.

  9. yacoll says:


    You mentioned about lynda.com courses… What exact couses did you mean? I can see 3 courses related to Flex 2 (Essential Training, Beyond the Basics, Advanced: Using Data Services) and one to ActionScript 3…

    Did you mean all of them?

    Best regards!


  10. Ram says:

    Hello Friends,

    I am QA Eng ,from couple of months on all job boards I came across word Adobe flex testing.What is adobe flex testing?How it differs from manual and automation testing?How to practice adobe flex testing?What software we should get to practice adobe flex testing.Please ,Please reply back?


  11. i want some sample/practice MCQs(Multiple choice Question) paper based on Adobe Flexcovering some concepts such as Key concept in Flex Programming and Using Adobe Flex Builder,Views, States, Transitions and Navigator Controls,AIR Applications
    Data Provides and Collections, Data Grids
    HTTP Services
    Handling Images and Video

    plz help and reply me.

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